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Powell Gym FrontThe second that you walk into Powell Fitness, you can tell immediately that we are not like other Columbus Ohio Gyms. From the state-of-the-art equipment to ever-changing artwork of local featured artists, the feel of Powell Fitness is fresh and inviting. We want you to be comfortable in our semi-private facility, so that the focus is solely on you completing your personalized fitness program with the greatest focus and without distraction.

We take pride in the fact that our health club will meet your needs whether fitness is something relatively new to you or if you already spend hours in the gym each week. You will be able to greatly benefit from our individually designed personal training programs!!!

By having no membership contracts and no monthly fees. we can give you what no other gyms in Columbus can offer you: truly a new definition of personal training. Whether it is a home fitness program designed for the equipment you have at home, a workout that you can take to your local gym that you belong to, or a personal training regimen at Powell Fitness twice a week with one of our certified trainers, we will make sure that we tailor your fitness program to your needs and your schedule. No more excuses--it is time for you to start feeling better and feeling better about yourself!!

Powell Fitness Gym

Powell Gym 1Powell Fitness is dedicated to helping each individual achieve their fitness goals while educating them on maintaining a lifestyle of health. Exercise programs only work if they are individually tailored to your specific goals as well as being able to fit your schedule. This premise allows the person to be more than just a number. At Powell Fitness Gym, we listen to the needs and wants of our clients, personally tailoring a program for fitness, and advise them every step of the way.

Powell Gym 2Through the skills and credentials of our qualified training staff, massage therapists, and physical therapists, Powell Fitness Gym has all the resources you need to get in shape. By having no membership fees or contracts to sign, you have no excuse but to start on your journey to fitness. Let Powell Fitness Gym revitalize and motivate you!

Please contact us today to set up a free personal training session with one of our professional trainers.

Business: 614.216.8972