Personal Training And Massage Therapy

Roles Of Your Personal Trainer

  • Evaluate and assess your current physical condition
  • Design program specific to your fitness needs and goals
  • Motivate you to reach your goals
  • Make sure that you use proper form and techniques
  • Make sure your workout is tough but enjoyable
  • Get you past physical as well as mental plateaus
  • Support you in your journey to become your best physically and mentally
  • Change your program periodically to keep your workouts fresh as well as to optimize results

If you want the best results, you hire an expert. You wouldn't let your gardener do your taxes or your hairstylist sell your house. Don't place your health in the hands of someone who doesn't know what they are doing. Make sure that your trainer is certified and listens to you about what your personal fitness goals are!

Some Benefits Of Training With A Personal Trainer

  • increased energy and stamina in your everyday normal activities
  • overall confidence and knowing that you are making progress empowers you and motivates you to continue
  • Motivation and accountability. We help you show up and finish your workout on the days that you would have rather skipped it! Knowing that your trainer will be there for you and will make your experience enjoyable will get you through your workout!
  • Seeing is believing. Once you start seeing and feeling results, your goals seem more attainable!

Meet Our Trainers

Aaron S. Petrosino

Personal Trainer Aaron
Contact Info:
Phone: 614.376.2240 | Email:

Qualification & Education

  • A.A.S. Exercise Science
  • Ohio State University certified Personal Trainer (W.I.T.S.)
  • Certified EMT & Fire Fighter Level II
  • CPR & AED Certified
  • Apex certified Nutrition Coach

Specialty Areas

  • Martial Arts/Self Defense Experience: Tae Kwon Doe/Jujitsu/Wrestling
  • Competitive Power Lifting
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • Youth
  • Body Building & Power lifting


  • Dublin Community Recreation Center: PT (July 2009 – to Present)
  • Powell Fitness Personal Training (July 2009 – to Present)
  • The Basic Body: Private Personal Training (November 2008 – July 2009)
  • Personal Trainer at Life Style Family Fitness (May 2007 – January 2009)
  • Competitive Power Lifting (July 2007)
  • Volunteer personal fitness assessments for a variety of populations, Dublin Community Recreation Center (2005 – Present)
  • Volunteer wrestling coach at Dublin Coffman High school (2003 – Present)

Philosophies On Fitness & Life

I feel that no matter the circumstance anyone can reach their fitness goal. Getting there requires motivation, intensity, persistence, consistency, and a healthy diet. Obviously this is no easy task, and is much easier said than done.

That is why I’m here. I will help anyone achieve their fitness goal and life style change. All I ask is for willingness and trust. It’s a team effort, and I believe that if you put your mind to it anything can be accomplished. The first step is walking through that

Availability: Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. & Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Holly Joseph

Personal Trainer HollyAs an ACE certified personal trainer, I understand the necessity of being fit to meet the daily stress and demands most of us have. I believe in incorporating a healthy diet, cardiovascular exercise, and strength training in order to establish a high quality of life.

My role as a personal trainer is to motivate my clients and construct workout regimens that compliment their unique needs. I believe that exercise is meant to be enjoyable, and hope my clients leave feeling great. My objective is to encourage a healthy standard of living that will carry on for a lifetime.

Pascale Lercangee

Personal Trainer PascaleContact

Pascale Lercangee


  • BS in Biochemistry, Groep T university, Leuven Belgium
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFI Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Heart Association AED & CPR certified


  • 10 years Health club assistant manager
  • 14 years Personal Trainer
  • 10 years Corporate Fitness Trainer
  • 12 years field hockey
  • 9 years competitive power lifting
  • 1 year duathlon
  • 5 years competitive cycling

Personal Biography

Pascale came to the U.S. from Belgium in 1995. She obtained a bachelors degree in biochemistry in Belgium. But after 5 years as a technical engineer in a sales position, her heart and passion brought her to Columbus to pursue a career in Personal Training. She worked at World Gym as assistant manager and personal trainer, while pursuing her personal passion power lifting. She competed for 9 years and she nationally ranked top 4 for 3 consecutive years in the 132lbs and 148lbs weight class. Her best total 1070lbs in the squat, bench and deadlift still makes the All Time Historical Top 50 American Women listing. The last 6 years that passion turned 1800 when she began competing in duathlons and then in cycling races.

Since she started her own Personal Training business, her goal is to focus on the "Personal" approach of fitness training. In search to motivate and educate her clients about health and fitness, she knows every person has different needs and focuses to emphasize those needs. The need for convenience and privacy of training clients at Powell Fitness and at her client’s home’s inspired her again to focus on the individual and provide the best possible training program and coaching.

Balance in life between family, work, personal development and emotional growth is essential in pursuit of happiness. Pascale will teach and help you to develop the mental motivation and discipline necessary to change your body and mind the way that you want.

Dustin Kreis

Personal Trainer DustinAfter a successful Intercollegiate and International baseball career, Dustin began working at Victory Fitness Center in 2002. After a couple of years there, he met Kim and has worked with her ever since. What he enjoys most about being a Personal Trainer is getting to see the looks on his clients' faces when they realize they are going to reach their goals. He has trained a variety of clients, ranging in ages from 13-82. In his words, "I consider myself a realistic Personal Trainer. I understand everyone needs time to play, but when it's time to work, I expect 100%." He has a B.A. from Bluffton University, is nationally certified through the Exercise Safety Association, CPR and AED certified by the American Heart Association, and insured by American Family Insurance. For more info on Dustin, visit his website at

Rob Easter

Personal Trainer Rob EastI believe exercise is an investment in your future,treat your body well now and it will treat you good later in life. I am a W.I.T.S certified personal trainer specializing in core training and circuit style weight training. I can also help you with toning and building muscle and losing inches. I am also currently studying for the N.S.C.A certification. I have always been physically active and love sports,my favorites are basketball and football. My passion is to help others reach their fitness and weight loss goals. I believe that exercise should be enjoyable and it would be my pleasure to help you reach any fitness or weight loss goals you have. Feel free to email me at

Angela Stewart

Personal Trainer Angela StewartAngela has been a Fitness Instructor for over ten years teaching a wide variety of classes including Kickboxing and Bootcamp. She has been working as a Personal Trainer for ten years and loves the challenge of guiding each of her clients towards their individual fitness goals.

Angela trained with Mike Davies and competed in the arena of Amateur Figure in 2004 and placed third in the Master class and fourth in her height class. This experience also fueled her passion for helping others. She has the first hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in having a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Angela loves working in the fitness industry. She has many years of experience in all necessary areas and truly believes that she can make a difference with each of her class members and training clients. She can be reached via her email at

Angela holds many certifications:

  • Aerobic & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) - Fitness Instructor
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Personal Trainer
  • Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA) - Personal Trainer
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) - In process of completing Personal Trainer certification
  • BOSU Certified
  • Kickboxing International Level One & Level Two Certified
  • YogaFit Level One Certified

Sally Kennedy

Personal Trainer Sally KennedySally is sales representative, engaged, and raising a 18 year old son, so she knows the struggles of having to juggle a schedule of work, family, and exercising. Fitness is a priority in her life. Sally began weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and balanced nutrition 11 years ago and has seen a total body evolution. She experienced a complete personal makeover from losing weight, gaining strength, increased energy, balance, and a feeling of total satisfaction. Her own experience inspired her to become a personal trainer. Her goal is to use her own personal experiences in helping others to discover the tools they need to be successful in their exercise programs. Sally’s passion is helping people!

Licensed Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist Sally KeenerSally Keener, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Polarity Practitioner

Sally has been with Powell Fitness since it first opened. She has been a body worker (massage and polarity therapy) since 1998. She received her massage therapy training from The American Institute of Alternative Medicine (Columbus, Ohio) and her polarity therapy training from The Columbus Polarity Therapy Institute (now known as Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies).

Sally also has trained in neuromuscular therapy (trigger point therapy), reflexology, and lymphatic drainage. She has focused on clients with pain stemming from various sources such as overexertion, stress, headaches, fibromyalgia (and related conditions), TMJ, and more. She has observed what great relief from pain can be obtained through massage - especially when used on an ongoing basis.

Aside from pain relief, massage is good for preventative care as well as anti-aging. For those working out, massage keeps muscles flexible, lengthened, and functioning with full range of motion. As far as anti-aging, massage develops the collagen and elastin in the skin, increases circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body's tissues and helps eliminate toxins.

A massage session with Sally will focus on your needs on that particular day and may vary from session to session as your needs change. She is well versed on many different methods and will choose what is right for your particular situation.

With a background in conventional medicine, Sally has combined her knowledge and experience from her years in a hospital setting with her strong beliefs in alternative medicine into the career she has today.

Sally has a degree from Kettering College of Medical Arts in Respiratory Therapy. She has worked in both small and large hospitals and served as a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator helping people with lung diseases learn how to cope on a daily basis.

For ten years, Sally worked as a medical recruiter (also know as a "headhunter") placing medical physicists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists in cancer centers, community hospitals, and university hospitals across the country.

This background makes Sally all the more committed to solid healthcare practices including adequate exercise and massage.