What Makes Our Gym Better?

Big gym space, big gym equipment, and studio privacy is what separates Powell Fitness from the other typical gyms in Columbus as well as the typical personal training studios in Columbus.

Powell Gym 1What also separates us from other facilities is our "out of the box" thinking when it comes to fitness. We want you to be able to make a lifestyle change and commitment to fitness. It is our job to make this happen for you. In order to achieve this your program needs to be designed for you to be able to maintain it. That being said, it needs to first produce results. If you are not seeing results, the chance of you sticking with your program diminish. Second, it needs to work for your schedule and your lifestyle. Working out should be fun and hopefully something that you look forward to, not something that is dreaded and not enjoyable.

Powell Gym 2It is our job to keep things fresh and we try to bring in different things into the gym in order to continually challenge you and keep things interesting. We change out the artwork in our cardiovascular area every three months and bring in the artwork of local artists to constantly change the "look" of the facility. We occasionally have health fairs and bring in speakers that help to bring something to our clients whether it is new products or services of local health related industries. We also have in gym challenges that will help you stick to your fitness regime; offering incentives to keep you going. We have everything that we need to design the best individualized program to help you reach your fitness and health goals!

In order to reach your fitness goals, you need to understand why Powell Fitness can help you reach your goals. By being able to combine all aspects of a fitness regimen in one club, we have all the tools to make reaching your goals as easy as possible. You can reach your goals by doing strength training or cardiovascular training or plyometric training but by combining all three components. Your workout will be fresh and new and less likely to become stale or boring.

Strength Training Gym

Powell Gym 3Traditional strength training is using some sort of equipment ranging from your own body weight to pulleys with weights attached or some sort of free moving weight (dumbbells) to challenge a specific targeted muscle or muscle group to increase strength in that muscle, encourage growth and increase muscle tone. Your trainer will put together a program that will best utilize our equipment to target your individual muscle groups that will put you on the path to increasing the strength of the muscle as well as increasing the aesthetic look of lean muscle tone. We have all the equipment of a strength training gym:

  • Power rack
  • Cybex leg press
  • DB's 1lbs to 110lbs
  • Olympic flat and incline bench press
  • Smith machine
  • Dead lift rack
  • Gravitron pull-up machine
  • 8 station pulley/cable crossover system

Cardiovascular Gym

Powell Gym 4The second important component of fitness is cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise increases your hearts aerobic capacity, increases stamina as well as endurance. This will help make everyday tasks easier like chasing around your children or grandchildren, increasing your longevity in sports and activities as well as the weight loss benefits of adding cardiovascular exercise to your fitness regimen. Your trainer will help design the cardiovascular program that is going to not only help you reach your goals but also give you tools to help fit it into your busy lifestyle. If you train at Powell Fitness with one of our personal trainers, you are welcome to come in on your own time and use our cardiovascular equipment without having to sign a membership contract. Our Cardiovascular equipment includes:

  • Upright bikes
  • Recumbant bikes
  • Stairmaster steppers
  • Precor and Lifefitness elliptical trainers
  • Commercial-grade treadmills

Versatile Gym

Powell Gym 5A third component of fitness is making sure that your program is constantly changing. Not only to keep it fresh and to keep you mentally engaged, but also to prevent plateaus by challenging your body with each new workout. We utilize different types of equipment that challenge your balance and stability. Or, we might add in plyometric activities such as box jumps or jumping rope to help in athletic performance. We can also incorporate boxing style bag work or glove work to develop speed and help in upper body development. Challenging yourself with different pieces of equipment or new styles of training keeps your program fun and fresh and we bring you the newest pieces of equipment that come into the fitness industry. Some of these pieces of equipment are:

  • BOSU trainers
  • Stability balls
  • Glider discs
  • TRX training straps
  • Versadiscs
  • Jump boxes
  • Ladder training equipment
  • Heavy bag and other boxing equipment
  • sports specific training area